So Dee and I (Jai) were at Turner Field (Not to be confused with Brian Turner’s backyard) contemplating the meaning of life when the question of “What artist’s inspire you?” came up, and I wanted to extend the conversation to the team. So who’s work gets you going?

El Mac



I like the Baroque and Reniassance classics mainly because of the dramatic use of light and narrative even in the faces of the subjects, such epic & titanic compositions.


Gérôme Jean Léon


Gustave Dore

John William Waterhouse

William-Adolphe Bouguereau


Then the current artist are all funky and stylish in wild and hip/colorful ways.

Shepard Fairey (OBEY)

Joshua M. Smith

Takashi Murakami

Chaz Bojórquez

El Mac

POSE Msk Awr (Graff Artist)

Mike Giant


Brian Turner

Frank Lloyd Wright

Philippe Starck


Saul Bass

R. Kenton Nelson

Art Deco Poster Art

World War II Propaganda Poster Art

Russian Constructivist Poster Art

Golden Ratio

June Oh

Keith Oh

Artists that inspire me. The Ceramic / Sculpture inspires me.
I saw some of works in person.  It was ammmmazing!
June, You are turn! who inspires you?

Here is my list.

sergei isupov (my favorite ceramic artist)
Just do a google image search.

John Cederquist

jun kaneko

Richard Notkins

Ron Mueck

Jeremy Bizzle



Futura 2000

Einne tischvul

Paul rand

Saul Bass

Dee Mustafa-Browne

Frank Miller

James Jean. Especially his sketches and fables book covers.

alphonse mucha

hieronymus bosch ( he was a twisted mother)

leon levinstein

Lori Lodwick

Margaret Bourke White (photographer)

Sonia Delaunay (painter)

Georgia O’keeffe (painter)

Lisa Clark